Super Supple Spine (4 Hour Class)


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An un-Desk Your Spine (and un-Tech Your Neck) Workshop
4 hour Class plus 4 BONUS Videos

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Most of us have neck or back or shoulder tension (or all of them!) because of our lifestyles, work, computers, smart phones, and stress. Learn techniques to coax more mobility from your spine, release the tension, and feel better every day!

This workshop is appropriate for anyone wanting:

  • a more supple spine
  • less back &/or neck pain
  • fewer headaches
  • better breathing
  • a stronger core
  • less overall fatigue

Whether you work at a desk, own a computer or smart phone, lead a stressful life, or not, you will LOVE these 4 hours spent creating more ease in your body.

We cover the corrective exercises to help mobilize the sticky spots, as well as show how you can vary sitting, walking, and using your phone to help keep your spine supple.

Equipment: 2 bolsters, blanket, half dome, yoga strap, block, yellow tube with handles (or other stretchy band), 2 balls in a sock (or pair of Yoga TuneUp balls)

Concepts Covered:

  • Basic Stance, where is your upper body when you stand with your “weight in your heels”
  • What is your favored “posture”
  • Your Spine- Everything that is attached, that pulls on the spine will be addressed, including Gravity’s effect
  • Before and After- Evaluation Against the Wall, Unbolstered Supine Position, Spinal Twist
  • Lifestyle Components- More movement, more variety. How and how much you sit, stand, move, are still
  • Exercises- intended to get more of you moving and more of you moving more
  • Breathing

Bonus Videos:

  • Neck Stretches (25min)
  • Posterior Push-Off Outside (using incline)
  • Posterior Push-Off Exercise
  • Tweak your Sitting and Phone Holding Postures
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