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  • This series is an exploration of the strength and motor skills needed to accomplish the PushUp (or PressUp) safely and gradually.
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  • Our core affects and is affected by virtually every movement we make. This series teaches you how to increase the volume of core movement for more strength and better balance to change your whole body.
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  • Your Body. Your Health. Your Responsibility.

    Concerned about Health Care?
    Want a Healthy Body- and healthy cells?
    Then you NEED this series…

    It’s not the government or your doctor’s job to keep you healthy. Because it’s Your Body. Your Health. Your Responsibility.

    In this 8 week series, you will learn about how your alignment affects every system in your body from your heart to your breathing to your bones- with specific emphasis on back, pelvis, hips, knees, and feet- and how to keep all your parts in tip-top shape so you only need your doctor when you’re sick or broken…and you’ll be sick and broken less by practicing what you’ll learn!

    The 8 lessons cover: Your Cardiovascular System and Blood Pressure, Your Respiratory System, Bone Health, Back Health & Core Strength, Metabolic Health (& more about your Cardiovascular System), Knees & Hips, Pelvic Health, and Foot Health- Your Foundation.

  • The “Alignment Everyday” Intensive is a great opportunity to learn how to incorporate alignment into your normal daily activities. There’s so much more to restoring your body’s natural alignment than just coming to class or doing your “exercises”!

    The tips from this class will have you thinking differently about HOW you do everything you do. You’ll learn to think differently about how you sit, push the grocery cart, put on socks, clean the house, pour coffee, kiss…

    If you spend one hour per day working on alignment exercises, there are still 23 MORE HOURS IN YOUR DAY! What’s your body doing then?

    90 Mins

  • Instructor: Tim Harris, RES-CPT & Anatomy Instructor at Kali Massage Institute in Ventura, CA

    This 20-hour course covers the major systems of the body in detail. If you are a RES, bodyworker, or other health professional in need of a refresher, or just want to understand more about how your body parts fit and work together (and what they're all called), this is a course you don't want to miss!

  • An un-Desk Your Spine (and un-Tech Your Neck) Workshop
    4 hour Class plus 4 BONUS Videos

Showing all 7 results