The Science Behind It


  • Are you on the path to a long, happy, active, pain-free life?
  • Are you still searching for relief from pain?
  • Have you been told you need joint surgery, now or later, and you're looking for options?
  • Are you suffering from osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis, or other spine or joint condition?
  • Do you believe that aches and pains are part of growing older?

Relieve pain, return your body to natural functioning, and ward off disease without drugs or surgery by restoring your body’s natural alignment. Practice a form of therapeutic movement based on the alignment model developed by a biomechanical scientist and founded on the laws of physics, geometry, biomechanics, anatomy, and physiology.

You can use your body optimally by aligning it correctly so that you lessen forces on the joints and your muscles work more effectively. This is the foundation of our Restorative Exercise™ / Nutritious Movement™ program at The B.E.A.C.H.

Many ailments are caused not by HOW MUCH you move, but by HOW you move. Just spending a number of hours per day in a sitting position can have a negative effect on your health. In fact, the most common, expensive, and painful ailments are the result of poor movement habits and low motor skills. Diligent, consistent effort will improve them. It’s simple physics and it works.

Posture is different than alignment.
Posture is simply how your body looks. Alignment refers to the position of each bone and is about how your body works. When your bones are in nature's alignment, as opposed to the postures of modern living, the organs, muscles, circulatory, respiratory, and lymphatic systems work at their highest level. You can say goodbye to aches and pains. There is no open door for diseases to sneak into your body.

THE KEY: Your posture can look great but your alignment can still be really off... yet it’s your alignment that affects your health.

It’s simple. If you need pain or anti-inflammatory meds to function, have aches, pains, or have worn out a body part here or there (joint replacement or other surgery), then there’s something wrong in HOW you are using your body. You can learn a new way.

The alignment points we teach you are objective. Geometry is right 100% of the time for EVERY BODY. Our program is not about passive treatments. We go beyond chiropractic, nutrition, physical therapy, massage and other healing modalities by teaching you what kinds of movement habits are damaging and how to turn your patterns into healthy ones.

Temporary pain relief from medications, adjustments, and treatments are just… temporary. Lasting changes are not possible until you deal with the root cause of the problem: how to move, sit, and stand in proper alignment.


  • What your body SHOULD be able to do
  • What your body CAN do right now
  • What SPECIFIC MOVEMENTS you need to practice until muscle function returns
  • REDUCE PAIN (knee, back, foot, hip, neck, generalized all-over pain, etc.)
  • INCREASE your ability to move
  • DEVELOP your strength
  • BUILD UP  your bone density
  • SHARPEN your ability to perform (activity, sport, job)
  • CLEAR "brain fog"
  • ELIMINATE headaches
  • BOOST organ function
  • IMPROVE Pelvic Floor Disorders (menstrual cramps, urinary issues, pelvic pain, organ prolapse, prostate issues)
  • REGULATE digestion
    Improve heart and lung function

It's never too late to make positive changes. Or, too early! While your health may seem fine now, poor alignment has a daily cumulative effect and may take years for you to notice the damage. Take action now to prevent common “ailments of aging” down the road and to begin reversing any damage already done.

Come in and learn more about this revolutionary approach to the human body; why disease is not inevitable, and aches and pains are NOT a result of your age; and that you do have options that work. Or call us to at (805) 642 9900.


Are you still seeking the best path to Optimal Health?

Here at the B.E.A.C.H. we teach you what Optimal Health means and why Optimal Alignment and Optimal Biomechanics are critical for Optimal Health.

Optimal Health requires Optimal Flow- of blood (which carries oxygen and nutrients), nerve impulses, and lymph (waste). Most of us are walking (or sitting) around with much less than Optimal Flow, just because of the position of our bodies.

Imagine this: You have an automatic watering system in your garden. A section of the system gets damaged and leaves one area of the garden dry and withered in an otherwise-healthy, thriving garden.

Would you try expensive fertilizer and plant food first or would you fix the watering system? You’d fix the watering system!

Your ailments are caused by a lack of optimal circulation, whether it be due to excessive friction, loading, or reduced flow. Until you “fix the watering system” Optimal Health remains out of reach.


Optimal Alignment is critical for Optimal Health. For optimal health and wellness, you must learn how your alignment affects every single system and every single cell in your body. There is a specific position and orientation of every single bone and muscle in your body where things work best- this is actually simple physics and geometry.

What’s happening on the big level (what you can see) is a reflection of what’s happening on the cellular level (which you can’t see). But often it’s many years before the effects of what’s happening on the cellular level show up on the big level.

You can address this NOW, before experiencing pain and discomfort.

Are you already in pain? When your body is not aligned, movement creates friction that leads to heat, inflammation, and pain. Pain alerts you to the fact that something needs attention.

We’ve been taught to deal with pain by making it stop. But if your fire alarm were going off in your home, would you take out the batteries to stop the noise? Or would you put out the fire?

It’s the same with your body! Don’t just ignore the smoke, let us show you how to put out the fire.

If you want to get out of pain, you must work on your alignment and restore your mechanics to prevent further deterioration and begin reversing the damage.


We don’t follow the conventional fitness models of jumping, running, high-intensity cardiovascular exercise, or fads: research shows fitness is more damaging to health than helpful. And we teach you why. Our bodies are like “self-winding clocks” that require movement to regenerate, grow, and stay healthy. But HOW you move is what makes the difference between pain, degenerative diseases, and optimal health.

At the B.E.A.C.H. you will learn the natural movement your body was designed for:

  • The 25 objective points of alignment so you’ll know exactly when your body is aligned and what parts you still have to work on.
  • How restoring optimal muscle length increases your metabolism and burns more calories when you’re moving AND when you’re at rest.
  • How to use your muscles so that they’re supporting your body’s weight for pain-free movement.
  • How to maintain the proper position of your bones to keep joint deterioration to a minimum.
  • How friction, heat, and pressure result in pain, but can be eliminated by following some simple principles of physics.
Why not start your journey to Optimal Health with us today? Come and see us or call us at (805) 642 9900.We are unlike any other place you have been before. Our first priority is to educate. You will learn things that may be familiar, but you will learn for the first time that there is a “best” way to move your body. You’ll often find yourself asking, “Why hasn’t anyone told me this before?”


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