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My name is Breena and I want to share what we teach here at the BEACH. We teach a different paradigm of health. I want to you to have a clear picture of what we do but also what kinds of things we can help with.

So, here’s a list:
Joint Pain, Osteoarthritis, Osteoporosis, High Blood Pressure, Headaches, Back Pain, Hip, Knee, & Foot Pain, Pelvic Floor Disorders- including the “normal” “Sneeze Pee”, which btw ladies, is NOT “normal”, Prostate Issues, Digestive Problems, Metabolic Issues, Improved Walking, and Better Balance... just to name a few.

Now, to be clear - we don’t FIX or TREAT these issues. We teach you how to regain health so the unhealthy parts of you get better. We’re not Doctors. We don’t provide a quick fix. What we do is teach you how to move differently to restore your body’s alignment- or position- to get to the cause of the issue. Drugs and surgeries typically are addressing the symptoms, not WHY parts of you are failing.

So what is ALIGNMENT all about? There is a specific position and orientation for all of our bones where all of our parts & systems work best- down to the cell level.

Tubes/Hoses- Carry our blood- nutrients/O2, Electrical/nerve impulses, & Lymph- the waste removal system of your body. When the tubes get bent or kinked, flow is diminished- like your garden hose- & we do this all the time.

[Show FWD HEAD- putting random bends in the tubes- carotid artery, esophagus & SITTING]

Every cell in our bodies depends on optimal flow of nutrients & O2 & waste removal. When this flow is restricted, the cells & the tissues they make up, are compromised - they are literally dying and not being regenerated at an optimal rate.

At the BEACH we work with you one on one &/or in classes to teach you how to move differently (& sit & stand & walk differently) to improve flow, use more muscles, maintain (or improve) bone density, get out of pain, and reduce, prevent, or eliminate what I call “symptoms of aging” that have become common, like the things I mentioned in that long list earlier.

So Guess What? Your aches & pains are more a fxn of how you’ve moved all your life (Or said another way- how long you’ve had your habits) than they are a fxn of your age. And the Good News? It’s pretty simple to change how you move. Much easier than changing your age!

We use objective points to show you where your alignment is now & where it should be for better health. And we teach you how to change the way you walk and move to better nourish all of your cells.

What will you get out of what you’ll learn at the BEACH? Less pain, less chance of surgery or joint replacement, more energy, better digestive health, longer, better life, more smiles, more fun, better sex, & more money... it's true. Healthy people make more money.

Give us a call or shoot us an email to schedule a FREE 15-min phone consultation. And if you don’t live in the area- no problem! We do video sessions via Skype - all you need is your computer! Here’s to your Health!

Oh hey, if you want some tips on what you can do right now to improve your health, watch our video, cleverly titled "5 Things You Can Do NOW to Improve Your Health"!


So, everyone wants to know, what can I do right now to feel better…my feet hurt, my back hurts- even if you have headaches- you want to know what you can do... so here are

5 THINGS YOU CAN DO that don’t take any extra time:

#1. Change your shoes. Choose better shoes- flatter, more flexible, and shoes with enough room for your toes- no pointy toes
This is what most of us think of when we think: "high heel". But even if you think you don’t wear a high heel, THIS is a shoe with a heel. Anything above zero is a positive heel. Like this, or this. But if you've been wearing high heels (even low ones) you'll want to transition gradually down to a flatter and flatter shoe. You’re not gonna go from this (high heel) to this (Merrell) in one fell swoop without some possibility of pain in the underused tissues of your feet and lower legs.

#2. Change how you sit - get off your sacrum and tailbone and sit on your sit bones for goodness sake! If you have back pain, hip pain, or any kind of pelvic floor disorder or pelvic pain - GET OFF YOUR TAILBONE!
Suggest sitting on rolled towel.

#3. Sit less - change positions often. If you have to sit (or think you do), stand more, take breaks, walk around, breathe, stretch. If you have a laptop, it’s easier, you can sit on the floor, on a low stool, stand, etc.

#4. Start walking with your feet pointed straight ahead. The more duck-footed you walk, the faster you’re wearing out your ankles, knees, and hips and the worse off your balance will be. You don’t have to be perfect, but reign ‘em in a bit and your body will feel better and automatically get stronger just by walking differently.

And finally #5. Do this Calf Stretch:
This stretch helps to counteract that muscle shortening from sitting and positive heeled shoes, which can increase joint wear and tear. The length of your calf muscles dictates how long your backside works while walking. Short calves=small or weak buns. Buns keep your sacrum in place which keeps your pelvis and spine stable while moving your body around. If you're cool with a wobbly sacrum and spine and small or weak buns, go ahead and skip this calf stretch... and I said you don’t have to take any extra time, so assuming you brush your teeth twice a day, there you go- one minute each side, twice a day. You do know you’re supposed to brush your teeth for two whole minutes right?

So, there you go: 5 Things you can do right now to improve your health and get out of pain!

Here’s to your Health!


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