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Prior to attending our regular weekly classes, we ask that everyone first schedule a 1A Intro Session.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Twisting & Rolling
Balance & Fall Prevention
The Hippest Hips
Moving Habits
Slow Weights
Awesome Upper Body
Alignment with Therapy Balls
Whole Body Alignment
FUNctional Movement
Stretch it Out

All of our classes are Basic Skills classes, which focus on the most foundational exercises to restore optimal muscle length and introduce your body to new motor skills. These are not “easy” classes or just for beginners, but classes that teach the essential motor skills every human machine should master.

Intro to Alignment Class
Saturday, July 7, 10:15-11:15am. Now offered MONTHLY for only $10! (RSVP Required, Space Limited)
In an Intro to Alignment class, we teach the foundational concepts of "what is alignment and why does it matter". This is the introduction to the language we use, as well as the basic exercises we do most frequently- those that are the essentials for most of us- and the beginnings of how to improve how you walk. This is a great class to invite friends and family to learn the fundamentals of alignment.
“Fundamentals of Movement” Workshop with Julie Angel
Sunday, July 8th, 1:00-4:00pm, $70
In this 3-hr workshop we will play with various “movement categories” exploring, experimenting, and having FUN! We could all use more movement, more of our parts moving in different ways, and playing together is a great way to learn what your body can already do and what movement nutrients might be missing from your current movement “diet”. This workshop taught by Julie Angel, MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer.
"Move Your DNA" Weekend
Saturday, July 14th & Sunday, July 15th, $289 (includes printable exercise workbook)
Immerse yourself for two days of hands-on practice of all the exercises in the book Move Your DNA. You will get personalized instruction to ensure you are performing the exercises correctly, as well as feedback to help you discover your own blind spots! What a fantastic opportunity to move more of you! Taught by Nutritious MovementTM Certified RES & Owner, Breena Maggio


The Hippest Hips: Those hips need some love all around the joint. And these are some pretty big joints responsible for walking, balance, and a huge part of your immune system! If they don’t move well, these functions can be compromised. Join this class have hips.

FUNctional Movement: Putting the fun back in movement, this class is all about play and movement exploration. No rights or wrongs, you just “got to move it”😊 This class looks a lot like the obstacle courses some of you might be familiar with that we’ve done in the past. This is the class people are talking about!

Twisting & Rolling: The good ol’ Core and some of the missing movements for excellent core health. If you want a functional core, better digestion, a mobile spine, and better breathing, come on down!

Moving Habits: This class spends a month at a time working on particular areas of the body going over the same or similar exercises to elicit a change over time. The goal is to become aware of our habitual movement patterns and then begin to modify them to support ways of moving that optimize our health, well-being, and dynamic aging.

Slow Weights: This class is a continuation of our mindful full body workout which focuses on moving with the breath. This class will really appeal to those of you who miss your "traditional" exercise class format, but still want to work in a way that promotes a healthy body and is restoring to your alignment. Benefits include improved stability, muscle toning, balance, and relaxation. We use very light weights (1-3lbs), and move from a stability ball (or chair) to standing to the floor and move slowly to create an almost zen-like experience that fools you into thinking you're not working very hard. After all, they're only 2lb weights! You'll love it!

Stretch It Out: Stretching just feels good. Right? But if you’ve been practicing restorative exercise for a long time, you might spend so much time hyperfocused on alignment points, that you miss out on some of the feel- good benefits of stretching all of your muscles around all of your joints. This class will leave you feeling open, relaxed, and mobile.

Balance & Fall Prevention: One of the most valuable aspects of Restorative Exercise is the fact that by performing these corrective exercises and gradually adopting new ways of moving your body throughout your day, you get stronger, more balanced, and less likely to fall. We therefore are less fearful of falling, and therefore less likely to fall!

Awesome Upper Body: We don’t always acknowledge the importance of upper body strength and function because we might not be doing much with our upper bodies, so what does it matter? Until you have pain, headaches, tingly hands, or the inability to do something you used to be able to do or worse, your work or favorite pastime. This class will focus on function, mobility, and strength of everything from the neck to the shoulders and upper back to the hands and fingers.

Alignment with Therapy Balls: Using the Yoga Tuneup Therapy Balls (or Pinkie Balls) you’ll be led through a variety of self- massage techniques for every part of your body (not necessarily all in one class though, so you gotta come every week!) to help ease tension and release the sticky spots.

Whole Body Alignment: Head to toe alignment is what it’s all about! Stretch and strengthen the whole body to improve circulation, reduce pain, build strength, and increase flexibility.


If you have had recent surgery, have a joint replacement, have a current injury, or any special information that would be helpful to keep your body safe during class and help you to get the most out of class, PLEASE INFORM THE INSTRUCTOR PRIOR TO THE START OF CLASS.

  • Please arrive a few minutes before class begins: This will give you time to gather your equipment for class, set up your mat, and will allow you to progress safely through class and get the greatest benefits, as well as avoid disrupting the instructor and your fellow students with your late arrival.
  • Please bring your own mat to class. A sticky yoga mat is best, as it provides necessary traction during certain exercises.
  • Please bring a water bottle.
    We have all the equipment we use in class available for you, but you are welcome to bring your own half dome, block, strap, etc. if you prefer.
  • NO Cell Phones: when you enter the building please set your cell phone to silent (not vibrate) and leave it in a cubby (or your car).
  • Mat/Mirror Space: When setting up your mat before class, be conscientious of other students around you. Try to stagger your mats so that everyone has access to see themselves in the mirror.
  • Clothing: Wear loose-fitting clothing that is comfortable to move in, but that covers well (too short or too loose shorts may not be the best choice). No shoes during class.
  • Mat: Please take your mat home with you when you leave. Due to space and hygiene issues, we cannot store students’ mats. If you leave it in the studio, it automatically becomes a loaner.
  • If you forget your mat, we do have some loaners. If you borrow a mat, please clean it when you are done.
  • Scents: Please do not wear scented lotions or perfumes to class.
  • Housekeeping: At the end of class, please clean all equipment you used and return it to its spot. Also clean any mirror space used to keep the mirrors fingerprint-free.
  • IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR NEED HELP DURING CLASS, PLEASE ASK THE INSTRUCTOR. The most important things in class are that you are safe and that you are learning.


2300 Alessandro Dr., Ste. 120
Ventura, CA 93001
(805) 642-9900


Monday & Wednesday: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
All other days by appointment. Just give us a call!
Monday - Saturday
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