Getting Started

1A: Intro to Whole Body Alignment (Private Session)
We recommend everyone begin with an Intro session.  We understand the importance of getting started right away, so we offer one-on-one private sessions with one of our Restorative Exercise Specialists.  This gives you, the client, the personal, individual attention needed to address your specific alignment issues, answer all of your questions, and ensure you get the most out of your session.

Once you have completed your first private session, you are welcome to attend any of the regular Basic Skills weekly classes on our schedule. You may also choose to continue working privately with a Specialist on your Individual Alignment Program.

We periodically offer the 1A in Group Format.  Call 805.642.9900 to inquire.

To help bridge the gap between the most fundamental basics taught in the 1A: Intro Class and the more advanced motor skills that might be taught in any of our group classes, we offer a follow-up class to teach you the next 6 essential exercises in gait and alignment basics. What you learned in the Intro class will get you on the road to optimal alignment, but adding in the next layer will get you there faster!

This class is for anyone who has attended an Intro session and has been practicing the exercises or has been attending class, and is ready for the next step.  Sign up at the front desk.


Group Programs
We offer group classes that allow you to practice and incorporate the new motor skills and body alignment that you are learning. Group classes expose you to different instructors and different styles of teaching, as well as more than can be covered in a single private session. The more you practice, the more the new stuff you are learning becomes your new habits.

Individual Alignment Program
At the B.E.A.C.H. we offer private one-to-one sessions with a Restorative Exercise™ Alignment Specialist. We recommend everyone schedule at least one private session with one of our Master Specialists (see the Special Pricing for your first private session). You will benefit by having information specific to your body so you know better what to pay attention to in class as well as throughout your daily activities. To get the greatest benefit and make the fastest progress, we suggest scheduling a once-per-month session with your Master Trainer (more often as needed). This will ensure you stay on track and continue to make positive strides. These appointments can be half-hour or full hour sessions.We use a systematic progression that will help guide you along the most appropriate path for you. Following this protocol ensures that you know exactly what you have to work on and in what order. Our Individual Alignment Program is designed to be a roadmap personalized for you. Everyone starts at the same place, because we begin with our foundation- our stance and gait- and build up from there. Depending on your specific needs and desires, we create a hierarchy of goals and design an exercise prescription to lead you there by the most efficient route.



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